Style Number for flap Help!!


Oct 21, 2006
Hi my sister saw this flap bag today at Chanel and was not too sure if its classic or seasonal, the style number is A14687 in Beige. Please help! i would love her to get a perfect First Chanel as im a newbie too! If anyone has a pic, pls pls post it so i can see because im in a diff country as my sister! Thansk heaps
It's not Classic I don't think.
I looked it up but only found it on an Asian website and I don't want to post it because I'm unsure of it's authenticity.
It's the contrasting stitch right?
I posted the Ligne name here before if that's the right one.
Yes Chanel does make that line every year (I saw it during the Spring/Summer season) this year.

That line (constrast stitching) comes in about 4-5 styles but the prices are higher than regular caviar so thats the downside.