style number for croc purple audrey

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  1. can someone give me the info? I can't find it nowhere
  2. I just bought this one yesterday. The style # is 15260 sv/px.
  3. thank you!!!
  4. #4 Sep 22, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010
    It's not on the website anymore! And I swear I just saw it yesterday. The purple Audrey, Maggie, and the wallet are all no longer on Does that mean they've been deleted and on the way to the outlet???

    Did anyone notice how many Madison bags are on the "Going Going Gone" page?

    ETA: haha....guess I'm a little late to the party. I just read this thread:
  5. Well I hope I can grab one bag from the outlet
  6. Yeah, they were there last night but not today... I put something in my cart and it's still there although it's gone from the website:smile:
  7. I'm gonna be looking for this at the outlets like crazy lol
  8. OK....I just called Jax and was told that the purple croc Audrey is NOT going to the outlet. She said that the ones they have in their inventory will be sold to people that call in. Once they get down to a very low inventory, that's when they send the remaining ones to the outlets. She said that they removed the Audrey's off the website because they have to make room for the new items (Sophias). But that removing an item from the website does not guarantee that it is outlet bound.
  9. Oh nooo!! when I called my outley they told me they in fact had the grey ones but were sold out...she did not garantee the purple ones were going to go to the outlets.