Style Number for Chanel Earrings & Are they the match this necklace? Is there a match

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  1. I normally don't care for costume jewelry - in fact, I don't own any - BUT I can't stop thinking about this necklace ever since I saw it! I called the 1-800 number for Chanel and was able to locate the necklace and I've almost talked myself into getting it. Only one thing holding me back - I'd want earriings to match. Does anyone know if the necklace has matching earrings? I checked the library and the closest earrinngs I saw were the earrings below - but they don't seem to be a match do they? Does anyone know if matching earrings exist? If so could someone provide me with the earrings style number and color code for the silver tone? TIA!




  2. I think they do match, looks wise. They also make/made these earrings without the pearl drop at the bottom.

    That necklace is beautiful, but the times I have seen it, the pearls in the CC seem to be always too white compared to the rest of the pearls on the necklace. Maybe that's why you feel the earrings don't match?

  3. Yes! You hit the nail on the head - that is the one problem why I am not 100% sold on the necklace itself. Additionally if there is no matching earrings then I definitely don't want the necklace! Oh, and yes, I have seen the crystal CC earrings but I don't care for them at all - just toooooooooooo many fakes *everywhere*.
  4. That's funny ^^ because that the only reason I never bought this necklace...the seed pearls in the CC's didn't seem to match the pearls on the rest of the necklace.

    I have a friend who bought this necklace, then sold it. Then missed it and bought another one. I believe the one she got, matches better (the pearls in the CC match the rest on the necklace). I love this necklace, I just love the look of it, but could never find one where I felt all the pearls matched. Oh well, money saved, right?
  5. hmm. the earrings match the necklace to me! have u asked the 800 # if it is suppose to match?
  6. Devilangel, the style does match. But if you look closely at the pearls in the CC on the necklace, those "pearls" look very white, while the pearls on the rest of the necklace look like a warmer shade.

    Maybe some people don't see it, because so many people have this necklace. And while I do find it very pretty, to me the CC charm pearls are a different shade than the pearls on the necklace.
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    ^ ^ I think you just convinced me to pass on this one. Thanks for your honest opinion! I wondered if the silvertone would be less obvious than the goldtone necklace but meh, it might not be worth the trouble to get it home to find out. :shrugs::thinking:
  8. hmm i see what u mean!
    so.. are u gonna get it?! haha
  9. I have the silvertone link necklace and the charm pearls seem to match well enough.
  10. In all honesty, I feel the gold one is better, because the gold metal gives off a warmer hue to the tiny pearls in the CC.

    I can only go by what I have seen IRL, and as much as I wanted this strand, I couldn't find one where all the pearls matched. I have no doubt that there are matching ones out there, I just haven't seen any in my stores.