Style name help?!

  1. Hey everyone, I saw a Fendi bag that I fell in love with last week but I don't know what the style is called so I am afraid I will never find it!

    So I thought I'd ask my fellow Fendi lovers!

    The bag is not real easy to explain, but it is leather and has small blue and white striping all over with a flap top. The leather has a slightly "old" look.
    There is also the frilled leather around the flap. I hope that makes sense!
    It also has a round gold hanging metal Fendi logo and "F" in a small hole punched style all over the bag. That is not noticeable unless you look closely.
    I believe there are 3 sizes also and I think it also comes in a white/gray striping design also.

    I hope my description isn't too confusing, the bag is hard to describe! lol

    I hope someone knows which style I'm referring to though?

    TIA!! :smile:
  2. it sounds like a version of the chef bag to me