style guides/fashion books?

  1. Does anyone have any recommendations? I want to pick up something fun to browse through at the airport/on the airplane.
  2. Lucky magazine came out with a great one a few years back that's still available. And it might be a slightly guilty read, but Vicky B. has a book about fashion that's actually a pretty fun read. I think it's called "A extra half an inch." Something like that.
  3. i go for magazines when it's going for style/fashion

    my fave is vogue UK, teen vogue, and W
  4. I can't think of the titles off the top of my head, but Tim Gunn and Stacey London and Clinton Kelly from "What Not to Wear" have fun books available. If you go to
    and google the names you'll be able to find the books.
  5. Actually, STYLE.COM Has a review of three fashion books right NOW! It's fun to read and it's illustrated!

    It reviews the new books by Rachel Zoe and Victoria Beckham and compares these to an old one from the 50s to see how things changed.

    Based on that review, I think VBs seems like the best choice, both of content and message.

    Try it here:
  6. search my name, I gave an entire listing of them on the site.
  7. I quite like the ones written by Rachel Zoe and Victoria Beckham. I also recently got the "Goddess Guide" which seems rather good too. (havent finished that one yet though...)

    And I would also recommend the old classic in this genre: Elegance by Genevie Antoine Dariaux.
  8. That extra half and inch by Victoria Beckham. Rachel Zoe just came out with a book, so did Nina Garcia. Would also love to read Tim Gunn´s book.

    Also recommend Elegance by Genevie Antoine Dariaux like JoannaSweden
  9. I hadn't heard of this one before, but I just ordered it from Thanks!
  10. Harper's Bazaar!!! it's my fav fashion mag! Also, for short reads, I like People Style
  11. Glad I could help :smile:. It's a really good book, and it's interesting to see that even if the book isn't brand new, it can still offer plenty of advice that's still useful today.
  12. Nina Garcia book is the best...I recently bought her book, rachel zoe and tim Gunn... and the little black book of style by nina garcia is the best!
    She gives good advices about what to buy and how to learn how to dress for different events...
  13. I started reading it last night and I'm enjoying it a lot! It's amazing that the first edition came out in 1964!!!!! She's quite wise!:yes:
  14. Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin is a great book. Kevyn is a world famous make-up artist and when you see the work he has done you will be stunned. It is a really fun flip through book and his make-up tips are fantastic! I know that isn't really fashion, but the book is so fun!

    You can search it on Amazon I think it starts at like 8 bucks...really good!
  15. She is! The only thing that gets a bit funny is when she (rarely, but still) mentions what is "fashionable at the moment". But other than that, seems like not much has changed!