Style Guide for Fundrasing events

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  1. I got invited to a couple high profile charity events over the next few months. I am not familiar with the charity scene. Any suggestions on what to wear? Not sure how to style myself.
  2. I think it depends on the invite - some specify dress codes. For instance, some may require black-tie/cocktail attire, others might be a little more relaxed, some business casual.

    If possible, if these are annual charity events, can you look at pictures from years past to get an idea?
  3. Formal ones are usually black tie. For the more casual ones, cocktail attire is OK (never anything too revealing or skimpy, though, unless the fundraiser is associated with the fashion industry!).

    In terms of media, bright colors look great in photos @ the more casual events. Or, try a classic dress with a bold, fun accessory!
  4. It depends on the type of event, the venue and the time of the event. For example, a charity fundraiser held in the afternoon on a polo course is totally different in terms of dress code than a night time sit down dinner in a hotel ballroom. Maybe if you include a bit more info we can provide some more specific help :smile:

    But in most cases, I would say a nice knee length dress that is not too revealing should do the trick.
  5. I agree.. In general, that's your best bet
  6. Got a knee length black cocktail dress from Calvin Klein. It should do the trick.
  7. what would you guys recommend for a black tie fundraising event?
  8. I go to lots of charity events (usually cocktail attire). What I wear sort of depends on the people attending the event. If it's the young-ish, fun, trendy crowd, then I wear classic HL styles (that fall just above the knee and don't expose too much cleavage). If it is an older crowd, I dress a bit more conservatively.