Style # for Legacy Stripe Oblong Scarf

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  1. I feel bad starting a whole thread just for this question, but I wasn't able to find anything in my search.

    I found out my PCE card got sent to San Diego instead of my new address *like they have before* and so I'm compiling a list of what I want. I really want the Legacy Stripe oblong scarf but it's no longer on and I can't find my catalogue with that one in it.

    Does anyone have the style number so I can call Coach CS and see if they still have it available? I really appreciate it. Thank you. :smile:
  2. I am working until midnight. If you don't get a response for the item #, I will try to get it for you.

    I might have my inventory list in my car. If I have it, and if I have the item number, I will try to post it before then.
  3. I don't have the style number, but I called Coach 1-800 number last week and she said they are out and no more are expected. This was for the oblong, patchwork-type stripe. Not the ponytail or the standard square.:crybaby:
  4. Try 98092

  5. I called too, and this broke my heart...I want that one so bad, but wasn't into scarves when it came out. Then I saw someone on here with one and it was love at first sight. It would be so perfect on my Ali too.....:crybaby: