ultimate Hermes Collector

  1. I love this guy's collection! lol at his croc vest.

    The shopkeeper of L.A.'s A-list-only vintage boutique, Decades, keeps plenty of mint-condition Birkin bags for his private stash. Get a tour of Silver's collection in our exclusive video.
  2. Oh!! I"ll have to watch this when I get home!
  3. Hahahaha

    :heart: him..

    He has an impressive collection!
  4. He's got an amazing collection!! :drool:

    THanks for showing this to us. He has a good relationship with HERMES...and he can get custom made items....WOW!!:heart:
  6. If I was single........:p
  7. If he were straight....................
  8. hahha...yeah that two:yahoo:
  9. He's awesome! Love the "Mirkin" - man Birkin!
  10. And if he was into round, hairy Jewish chicks :graucho: (meaning me, not you CXYVR lol).
  11. He could be straight

  12. Thanks for that video! I love seeing bag collectors, they make my bag obsession seem more normal, esp since he runs a successful business and still loves his goodies. :biggrin:

    Hermes is out of my price range as far as collecting, but I do love bag stuff. *dreamy sigh*
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: good one!
  14. this i've got to see. my PC is acting up......grrrrrrrrr
  15. oh have to show this to DH. He thinks I'm Hermes :nuts:, which I am far from being this guy. I love all his unique pieces. Thanks for posting Japster.