Style now or wait?

  1. Hi all,

    So, I don't have a Stellina yet and I really wanted one -- so I was planning to get one from Vacanze.

    However, I would really love a Stellina in Foresta or Tan Playground or Inferno instead. And I think that Vacanze looks awesome in a Zucca (but I already have a Zucca in Spiaggia).

    Would you guys get the Vacanze in Stellina? Or get it in Zucca and hope that you come across a Stellina in a d/c print?

    (I know Foresta is coming to Hawaii and Guam, but, it may be very hard for me to get with the M.O. thing..)

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. It may be near impossible to get a stellina in a d/c print like the ones you want... and with the foresta re-release they will probably be going for hawaii retail plus seller inflation if you can find it anywhere, which may cost as much as a zucca. I would maybe get the stellina in Vacenze? I think it looks really cute in that print. But its up to you...
  3. true... even if u find it they end up being mad crazy expensive... i say get the vacanze ;)
  4. I saw a stellina vacanze on eBay the other day. I think it looks good, making me want to get one
  5. Vacanze. It's lovely, chances are you'd be able to find it on sale, and then you could use the money you saved to get another toki bag! :biggrin:
  6. thanks for your help ladies! i can't wait to see vacanze in stores -- i'm hoping the stellina is going to work out for me. :smile: