Style Basis: Shorts

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    Collette Dinnigan S/S ‘08. Credit: Corbis,

    Women have worn shorts since the 1950s, and for half a century, this classic item has been a perfect staple of the summer wardrobe. They are easy wearing, look stylish, and save you from the heat.

    From Bermuda shorts and knee length denim shorts to structured boxy shorts, there are a number of smart styles choices in different lengths, colors, fabrics, prints, and silhouettes. For those who prefer something feminine, there are dressier styles in fancy fabrics like silk and linen, with details such as cuff hems and tuxedo waistbands.
    La Perla S/S ‘08. Credit: Corbis,

    You can wear shorts for a polished work look, a walk on the beach, a trip shopping, or a sexy night out. Receive your inspiration from this season’s runways: from sleek and relaxed , to a chic and sophisticated look, make your shorts work.
    Blumarine, Elie Saab, Chanel S/S ‘08. Credit:

    Nina Ricci, Pucci, Emporio Armani S/S ‘08. Credit:

    Stella McCartney, DKNY, Marc by Marc jacobs S/S ‘08. Credit:
  2. I like shorts on a woman but my wife prefers Capris, she says she doesn't like her legs. The shorts in the pictures are nice but they ought to take up a collection for those ladies to buy them some food.
  3. I LOVE shorts, but hate that I can never find any "classy" looking shorts. I dont know, maybe its just my picky taste, but I cant ever find shorts I like! Although, those black ones with the yellow top are DTF!

  4. Shorts are great for everything EXCEPT work, unless you work in a creative or casual field. No matter how they try to reinvent them, they will never be conservative workplace appropriate.
  5. I have trouble finding shorts I like too. I like them somewhat short and fitted, but not hot pants short like some of these pics. I like the look of longer shorts but they're not made for petite women.

    The first pic in the second last row (Nina Ricci) made me lol! Those are super short shorts and her tan only goes to a few inches above her knee!
  6. so true. i wish i could wear shorts to work because they are so cute and chic... but i cant ;[
  7. I love shorts.
  8. My legs are so muscular, I dont' like the way shorts look on me. I wear skirts or dresses, and capris if it's not too hot.
  9. OMG! The Elie Saab black shorts are TDF!!:tup:
  10. I'd love to be able to wear shorts...I have thin legs, but they've been covered in spider veins since I was a teen.

    The Stella McCartney ones look like underwear. :confused1:
  11. i have chicken legs too!! but i still love shorts. this summer alone i've accumulated about 10 pairs. they were cheap and def. a wardrobe staple!
  12. BTW, in case anyone is interested, the first lady in the set (the one walking the dog) is Jane Russell. One of the sexiest women of her era, look at the difference in the size of her legs comapred with the waifs modeling the shorts today.
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