Style and comfort? YES!

  1. I'm always looking for shoes that look good and are still comfortable enough to wear all day. I shop at a certain mall quite a bit and every time I passed the Charles David store I saw the salesgirl wearing this shoe.

    I finally went in and tried on a pair and she was right! They really do look good on me and are the comfiest heels I've worn in a long time!

    Just thought you all might like to know.
    Charles David Legacy.jpg
  2. How interesting. I've always heard that Charles David was pretty comfortable, esp. amongst dress shoes, but I thought it was kind of hit or miss. I'm always, always looking for style AND comfort also...Those are really nice and classic, thanks for the tip!
  3. Cute! I love Charles David shoes!
  4. those must have really good arch support! cute.
  5. Nice!! good choice!!
  6. oohh i like those...hmmm charles david are comfy? i'm gonna have to check that out...need some new heels for work.