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  1. I posted this in the shopping subforum a while back but I didnt make any progress. There are so many great threads right now that pertain to overall style and the Hermes brand. Additionally I love the thread that has everyone holding their bags and what else they are wearing

    I am looking for a new watch--(anniversary present.) Originally I wanted the Hermes Arceau chronograph. My husband said "not a real watch"................I have narrowed it down to rolex and breguet. i must have a water resistant (somewhat practical) watch as I have others that are not. What is YOUR WATCH? Thoughts on brand and style? I know many of you may not be "watch" people.........I love watches..........TIA! I ask you all because we all wear our H bags and various other H items and I guess I am assuming we thus have similar taste and style sense...............
  2. Hermesaholic...normally I would not keep this thread open because it is not Hermes specific, but I will let it remain open. (I see a tiny connection as you respect their tastes and you share the love of the same brand etc.)

    I know many ladies here wear H watches and therefore, we will get to see pics of some beauties. I think we can let this thread slide...
  3. you know--i apologize-- i kind of wondered if i had messed up by posting it here. I was looking through the thread "wearing your hermes" and that made me think i could get a better feel for what the PF members were can delete it if you feel it best.
  4. Ouch. "Not a real watch"... :sad:

    If thats what you want, and DH doesn't understand, maybe a trip to an H store would change his mind?

    I love my DH's taste, but if I told him I had my heart set on something and he didn't agree, we'd need to talk about why. But thats us. Hermes has been around quite a long time with a stellar reputation of service and quality. I might have to show my DH all that in person, I think, if he objected ;)
  6. Yeah, I gotcha :smile:

    It just sucks to be shot down like that sometimes by someone when you respect their opinion. I relived it for ya for a second there.

    That said, Rolex's are wonderful but for the most part they need to stay on 24/7 or relax on a watchwinder when not in use to keep accurate time. I have a friend with a shoppe and he says (just his opinion) they are a bit better as jewelry. My feelings are a bit more Cartier, but on the other hand, Hermes really is lovely.

    PBC has one of the MOST GORGEOUS WATCHES I have ever seen though. Hopefully she'll see and post hers - esp with the newest strap.

    Good luck, whatever you choose. :smile:
  7. Do you have any Hermes watches? I have been lusting after the Cape cod in white gold with emeralds! ............ Also who is PBC?
  8. I'm actually wearing my Kelly watch right now, but only because I lost my Omega. *sigh*

  9. the kelly watch is with the lock watch correct?
  10. I adore my Rolex! First, my Dh gave it to me but also because it is stainless and gold so goes with everything, it's understated and elegant, can go from sporty to dress (not black tie, but pretty dressy), is waterproof and reliable and has just the right amt of bling!
    It is the Datejust with white face, diamond markers and bezel. I wear it everday for every thing.
    I also have a vintage paladium dress watch with diamonds and wear that for dressy things.
  11. Hermesaholic--that Cape Cod with the emeralds and diamonds is gorgeous and has such a lovely Art Deco look to it. One of my favorite H-watches.

    Gorgeous watch RC!

    I am not a watch person in terms of knowledge, but I am partial to Cartier's designs; I have a plain all stainless steel Santos automatic that I love b/c it has the date feature and a quartz Tank Francaise DH got me with a red alligator strap when I'm too lazy to wind up the automatic. For fun and durability, I look to my black Chanel J12. I do love Omegas--my grandmother had a lovely and delicate one from a long time ago.

  12. thats gorgeous! i love the diamond markers too! i also like the idea of two tone. thanks...
  13. Actually, that is what Bob says too, so I still need to work on him to get my diamond MOP H Heure watch!

    OK, just edited my post as I read your query too quickly!

    My favorite brands are Cartier and Chopard. I love love love my Pasha 32 mm. I have the gold bracelet and interchange leather straps. Can't go wrong with Chopard. I am making progress on getting a new squared off Happy Sport. And you can't go wrong with Rolex either.

    What you really need to do is get yourself to a big store and try things on. Tourneau in Las Vegas Caesars is AMAZING! They have so many brands that it will make your head spin! They have $250,000 watches waaaaay up in the back by Jacob & Co that will blow your mind.

    Have fun! What a fun quest!!
  15. Excellent taste Hermesaholic! ^^