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  1. i am not sure if this is in the right place but since you all have such style i had to at least try: my dh asked me today about our anniversary. said he was thinking of getting me a new watch since i love watches. i mentioned an Hermes watch and he said they arent "real" watches..........(ie rolex, cartier, patek etc..........anyone have any clever ideas?
  2. Yeah, I think your DH is right, get a rolex or a patek. Do you want something from H specifically? I don't any of them, but I am sure one of the ladies who are into watches will chip in soon :flowers:
  3. He's a treasure to be looking out for you that way! Personally, I'd go for Cartier or Patek if someone offered me anything I wanted. This will never happen in my life. I do, however, wear a 20-year-old Rolex, and it has been pointed out to me that our clients do notice (in a positive way). I chose it all those years ago, though, because I realized that with little kids, I frequently forgot to remove my watch when showering. It's held up to that and more.

    I love the look of several of the Hermes watches, especially the double tour Cape Cod, but I know they are not "fine" watches as defined by watch people. However, for the style and tradition and romance, I'd love Cartier or Patek! (Or Vacheron.)
  4. Thanks--he is actually very frugal and I am the bad one! But--he is good to me. You bring up a good point. I dont want a dress only watch. I was originally thinking of a gold cartier but i am now leaing toward the rolex yachmaster....
  5. i love my cartier tank louis, it's classic. but you can't go wrong with rolex either. i really want a patek at some point, but that can wait :biggrin:

    hermes has nice watches but i suppose watch aficionados do not consider it in the higher echelons of watches. whatever you love though, wear it and enjoy it! :biggrin:

  6. Ooh, I love the yachtmaster! They didn't make it when I got mine. I think the Cartier Roadster is pretty waterproof, too. Just depends on how formal/casual/retro/modern/classic you want to be. Fortunately, there's lots of choice! Have fun choosing!
  7. i already have a stainless santos so i wanted a round watch that was kind of a mens oversized look.
  8. oooooooh, do patek then


  9. which one? i dont really know of any that grab me????
  10. oooh, i don't know enough about patek to say the style names of the watches...but i know they make round gold faced watches...maybe a men's watch.

    but the yachtmaster is also awesome!

  11. okay time for some serious research!!! thanks
  12. Perhaps a Patek Calatrava would be something you like.
  13. yeah, research abit more and come back and tell us what u have selected :biggrin: I, too, am curious on the watches, I turned down a rolex from DH becos it's round, I prefer square watches :push: I'm so kicking myself now, esp I fell in love with a boy-size/mid-size datejust? :lol:
  14. It's maybe too late to chime in, but I have double tour Cape Cod-it's very pretty, and unusual, but as implied above, it's sort of a luxury fashion watch. I wear it every day, and have not had any trouble with the mechanisma (3 yrs)

    I agree as abovr; the Cartier Tank is a classic "real" watch, and one can never go wrong with Patek.
  15. Well I guess it depends on what you are looking for. I agree that the H watches aren't fine timepieces, but I enjoy them for their style and have 2 Cape Cods (and a Kelly 2).
    My Cartier SS Tank Francaise is just about 10 years old and still going strong.
    Princessfrog: I too love the Rolex datejust. In as plain as it can be re: bracelet, etc.