Style Advice!!

  1. ok i have too much to say so i'll just spill it!:
    i bought the Eiffel Tower key chain in Blue Jean and it arrived.:yahoo:
    the issue i face is that if i want to wear the Eiffel Tower with the Kelly bag, i have to get the hardware plated gold because the Kelly is too warmly hued for a silver chain, which is unfortunate since i think the tower looks so cute on the bag and the blue looks nice against the brown.
    i might do that for both the pig and the tower.
    i tried it out and wore it around with the tower anyway yesterday and it looked so cute! but the damned silver [which is pretty] was just annoying me. for some reason the silver against the Birkin looks fine [even though the hardware on that bag is gold as well] i just think the Kelly has too warm a hue.

    SO... questions...
    do you find the mixing of hardware tacky and annoying? or do you not mind how it looks? have you ever had any of your Hermes gold-plated before? How much do you reckon [:roflmfao:] it will cost me to get these two keychains gold-plated? and do you think it will look good?

    here are some pictures. i got the DE PASSAGE A TOKYO scarf yesterday as well. LOVE IT!!! :love::love:



  2. Nice stuff Croissant, congratulations!

    Would the gold plated thing cost you more than the item itself?

    I do not mind mixing silver and gold.
  3. ithank you! i don't know. :shrugs: im hoping not because its such a tiny thing to gold-plate. i dont think Hermes would do would have to be through a jeweler i think. i can't imagine more than $50 per chain?
    i like mixing hardware but it really annoyed me yesterday. i think because the Kelly is so rich and warm in colour and the BJ with silver is so cool in colour, plus the Kelly is 28cm so i think that makes a difference too.
  4. Croissant, How about hanging it from the hardware at the handle instead? So that Eiffel Tower hangs down the back of the bag. That might make a bit of a difference, KWIM?
  5. What if you try to hang it to the handle? It will dangle front and back and this will make the silver less prominent.
  6. shopmom, mypeko...i did that yesterday but im wondering if tricking my eye is worth it or should i just get the hardware plated? i feel like that way i'll just feel better about it maybe? thats a good trick though. hmmmm
  7. know what I'd do, Croissant? I'd hang it on the Birkin since you don't mind it there and then see if a gold cadenas strikes your eye for the Kelly. I used to hang a gold Pegasus from the handle hardware and removed the lock and sometimes I dangled it off the clochette. Looks really nice that way. Don't get a heavy cadenas like the hippo or the'll look too out of proportion IMO.

    How about that?
  8. Maybe its easier for a jeweler to switch the chain with a gold filled chain or something? You could even pick a chain based on your style- modern or vintage. I haven't seen the charm close up so I don't know how its attached.
  9. shopmom, i might just do that. im waiting for a charm i really like though. i wish theyd do an Eiffel Tower in metal form!!

    winternight..that sounds like an interesting idea. i'd have to ask which is an easier option, though ideally id like to keep it as original as possible.
  10. Congratulations!! I love that keychain!!
  11. I like ShopMoms idea Croissant. I also think that it looks great hanging from a birkin (mine is orange tho).
  12. I wouldn't hang it at all from the Kelly. It's too big and the wrong colour. If at all, I would hang it from the Birkin.
    At the end of the day I think you really *should* use it as a keychain. The size and shape IMHO don't really lend themselves as a bag charm.
    Sorry to be so blunt.

    Love the Tokyo scarf!!!

  13. Sorry, I completely agree with Hello on the scarf too!
  14. Love your new goodies! Congrats. The keychain is lovely, but like hello, I would not hang it from a Kelly.
  15. Croissant, Shopmom took the words right out of my mouth...she's totally on the money with this advice.

    LOOVE the Lanvin flats!!!