style advice regarding bag size

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  1. Hermesaholic - I have 2 birkin 30s and am really feeling the need for the extra space afforded by the 35cms.

    The 30cms are great in that they are lighter and can go easily from day-to-night (say for eating out at dressy restaurants) but they are small.

    You know as a genuine Birkin girl I feel I need both sizes to complement my daily routine. I hate having to lug around an extra bag when I have my pilates kit with me. I think you should try the 35cm! Hopefully, I'll be getting one next year!
  2. 5"5"-not short, not tall grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  3. I love my 30 better ;) 35 is for more casual & travelling type of bag. Whilst the 30, I carry it out for my shopping day :biggrin: