style advice regarding bag size

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  1. okay--i am really struggling with a new bag purchase. I only have small/medium bags. 30 cm birkins, 31 bolide, 28 kelly and plume. I am starting to feel that my 30's are bordering on cutesy sometimes...........i am wanting a larger birkin. I THINK. I see the 35's on people and they look soooooooooo chic but I am not chic. Additonally, I dont carry tons of stuff in my bag BUT there are times I want room to stuff a sweater and a water bottle in................For those of you who have both 30 and 35 which do you prefer and why?
  2. I am not chic either -- I am probably the dorkiest person on this board -- and I really like my 35 cm birkin bags. Not too big to carry when you dont have much stuff, but has the space if you are shopping, or have a book or a file, or as you said, the bottle of water (my favorite is Fiji. Being in a squarish bottle, it will sit upright in the 35birkin bag, which is a good time) or a sweater (if I head out wearing a thin jacket and then it gets too hot walking around, I fold it up and put it in the bag).
  3. well you have never met me! i guess i am worried about it looking to briefcase-y
  4. I think there would definitely be occasions when you would enjoy using a 35cm. Maybe not all the time, but you have other bags. Switching around makes me appreciate the differences of the different bags.
    The briefcase-y thing would depend on how you are dressed and your attitude toward the bag.
    Have you tried holding one? A brand new Birkin always looks more like a briefcase than it does after it softens up a bit.

  5. i think thats a good point--btw my dream is to own a Golconda diamond!
  6. for some bags, size really matters. sometimes it can make the same style feel like an entirely different design almost, for the different vibe/impression it gives.
  7. Welllll, hmmmm. There are times when I really liked the size of my 35cm Birkin but the weight really got to me. I think I would've been happier with a 30, or in this case, I've found my match in the Kelly 32.

    So, my advice is to seek out a 35cm in something lightweight like Chevre if you really want more room, OR try a 37cm Bolide. Roomier and lighter than a B 35.
  8. I always like the 35cm Birkin, but it would be very nice to own both sizes really.
  9. I like the birkin in a 35. For smaller sizes, I prefer a kelly.

  10. no, that's shopmom.
  11. I like 35s. My friend has 30s and they seem tiny to me. Mine are only togo and clemence, but they don't seem briefcasey, once you carry them a bit.
  12. Hermesaholic, may I suggest the Kelly 35??
  13. Quote:
    Originally Posted by jedimaster
    I am not chic either -- I am probably the dorkiest person on this board -


    I didn't say anything:whistle:
  14. May I ask how tall you are Hermesaholic?
  15. I am glad to hear I am in good company :smile: