Style advice needed: Should sig sneakers & purse match?

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  1. I'm so fashion-challenged and I'm not sure if it is too matchy-matchy to wear sig sneakers w/ a sig purse.

    For instance, I bought he Malli sneakers in blue sig denim and I'm wondering if it would be too "much" to wear a new denim tote or satchel w/ them (speedy-style).

    Also, what is a good purse to wear w/ dawnell holiday patchwork sneakers? Solid brown leather, I'm assuming -- something like the camel ergo.

    Thanks a million, you guys. I'm trying to "up" my coolness factor, but obviously struggling. I will be getting one purse at the PCE and I want to make the right choice.
  2. it seems a little like you look like you are trying too hard if everything is too matchy.
  3. IMO that would be too matchy-matchy.
  4. I really don't think it's too much so long as the outfit is pretty simple. I wear my Katelyns with my sig stripe tote, but usually with just like a solid black t-shirt and shorts or capris.
  5. Honestly, I would need to see your outfit. :yes:

    If you were your sig sneakers with jeans, a top, and carried the matching purse, I don't think that would be too "matchy". I would just stop at those two pieces though. lol
  6. i dont think so i always where my signature khaki sneakers with my sig.khaki hobo. it looks cute together. actually a lot of people around here match their shoes to their bag.
  7. Ok, actually that would be 3 "denim" pieces then (shoes, jeans, purse/tote). That's probably a little too much denim.

    You guys are great, thanks!
  8. i can only do one denim piece per outfit and my rule of thumb is that the shoes and bag shouldnt be perfect matches but at least in the same family of color
  9. I wear these-[​IMG]
    with my pink signature satchel. They don't match, but look good. But I really want the new sneakers in the new denim, and I usually wear jeans, & the denim bag might be too much, but I haven't seen the denim IRL, but it might look cute, IDK! If you just wear the denim shoes & bag & no jeans, I would think that would be ok.
    I think the camel ergo would be cute with the dawnell holiday patchwork shoes!
  10. I try to keep things in compliment color families, but not too "matchy-matchy"... That being said, sometimes I just go "Oh, whatever", and wear whatever I feel like putting together!! :P

    I would say wear what makes you feel good & happy... but if they are all denim, like batgirl mentioned - probably too much denim/blue? I wear alot of jeans... so I am shying away from the denim sig line, I think.
  11. NEVERR match your sneakers to you bag ,especially if its mono. Mono + Mono= Mono overload. One design if enough. I think you can wear the denim sneakers when wearing the camel ergo.But try not to wear it with the tote!
  12. I think it would be too much. I never really thought about getting signature shoes, Idk if I am too old to pull off that look but if you get them, maybe wear them with an all leather or suede bag but coordinate ? I am sure whatever you wear you will look cute !
  13. +1 simple outfit will make it work.
  14. Thanks, girls -- I will lean towards the camel ergo because it is so versatile. It will go w/ all my sneakers and casual sandals. Now I have to decide btw Hobo or Tote.....

    decisions, decisions :smile:
  15. Good idea that bag will go great with any shoes!!!
    I love the tote.:yes: