Style advice needed: Should sig sneakers & purse match?

Mar 5, 2007
I'm so fashion-challenged and I'm not sure if it is too matchy-matchy to wear sig sneakers w/ a sig purse.

For instance, I bought he Malli sneakers in blue sig denim and I'm wondering if it would be too "much" to wear a new denim tote or satchel w/ them (speedy-style).

Also, what is a good purse to wear w/ dawnell holiday patchwork sneakers? Solid brown leather, I'm assuming -- something like the camel ergo.

Thanks a million, you guys. I'm trying to "up" my coolness factor, but obviously struggling. I will be getting one purse at the PCE and I want to make the right choice.


Sep 10, 2006
Honestly, I would need to see your outfit. :yes:

If you were your sig sneakers with jeans, a top, and carried the matching purse, I don't think that would be too "matchy". I would just stop at those two pieces though. lol


Tammy518's P.L.D.
Jun 1, 2007
I wear these-

with my pink signature satchel. They don't match, but look good. But I really want the new sneakers in the new denim, and I usually wear jeans, & the denim bag might be too much, but I haven't seen the denim IRL, but it might look cute, IDK! If you just wear the denim shoes & bag & no jeans, I would think that would be ok.
I think the camel ergo would be cute with the dawnell holiday patchwork shoes!


Bubbles luvs Bbags
Dec 23, 2006
I try to keep things in compliment color families, but not too "matchy-matchy"... That being said, sometimes I just go "Oh, whatever", and wear whatever I feel like putting together!! :P

I would say wear what makes you feel good & happy... but if they are all denim, like batgirl mentioned - probably too much denim/blue? I wear alot of jeans... so I am shying away from the denim sig line, I think.


Shoe Addict
Dec 31, 2005
NEVERR match your sneakers to you bag ,especially if its mono. Mono + Mono= Mono overload. One design if enough. I think you can wear the denim sneakers when wearing the camel ergo.But try not to wear it with the tote!

Glitter Girl

Apr 13, 2007
I think it would be too much. I never really thought about getting signature shoes, Idk if I am too old to pull off that look but if you get them, maybe wear them with an all leather or suede bag but coordinate ? I am sure whatever you wear you will look cute !