Stuuuupid question...

  1. .... sorry for the long story.....::wtf:
    Hey guys bear with me.. I started my LV addiction November last year.. As of now I have 7 bags.. From all the bags I bought I never gotten or demanded a LV box.. But now that I see all my purse just stock on their own LV paper bags, it bothers :cursing: the heck out of me that I never got one, so insted of paper bag, I would just stock it up on their box... Now my question is, is there anyway I could still ask for or buy a box from the store? TIA..
  2. Yes, you can go into your LV boutique and ask for a box. Simply tell them that they didn't give you one when you purchased your bag. :smile:
  3. Go in and ask them if you could get a box.
  4. Definitely go ask them for a box.
  5. I think you should be able to ask for a box. But I'm not sure about 7 boxes at one go though. :p
  6. geez.....if you lived near me, I'd give you all the boxes you when I buy, I never ask for the box, just the dustbag in a brown LV room !!!
  7. they always give out boxes here without asking for one. i wonder why you have to ask for a box over there???
  8. That was actually a really good question. Now I too know I can ask for a box!
  9. Are the boxes free?
  10. ^^^ Boxes should be free.
  11. I always just say "Please box it" and they do!
  12. i always ask for a box. I would go in, I bet they would give you 1, not sure about 7. eBay also often has boxes for sale.
  13. I wanna' live near you travelbliss, I'm addicted to any kind of gift box. :p I know what you mean, I don't have a lot of room in my closet as well. ;)
  14. thanks guys.. I guess i'll ask for one box at a time....:graucho:
  15. Yea at the Charlotte LV you HAVE to ask...that's one thing i've learned.