Sturdy Speedy... not so much =(

  1. I just bought my new speedy 25 almost 2 weeks ago and one side of it is already bent and looks wavy. The rest of the bag is very sturdy and the sides are all straight except for one. Is there anything I can do to fix this or will it always be this way? :crybaby:

    p.s. I'm very anal about detail so this bugs me a lot more than i wish it did!!!!
  2. The kinks will naturally work themselves out as the bag gets use. Could you post pics?
  3. pics will help, but i dont know. if it looks permanent, then i think you should return it if you can....
  4. I hope it's not a defect! The way you described it as "wavy" worries me. Speedies are prone to creases in the canvas due to being folded, but these work themselves out usually within a week or two depending on the weather and humidity. Heat seems to help, maybe you can set it outside in the sun?

    If it's truly wavy from the side view (if you turn the speedy's side to you, and look down that plane) then it sounds defective. My friend had one that was incorrectly stitched. Since the walls and floor of the bag are basically all from one continuous canvas piece, if it's not sewn straight down one side, one wall will always be "wavy". She was able to get an exchange though, no problems! Posting pics should help btw!
  5. Yeah maybe you can post pics?
    It *sounds* normal and will usually straighten out with use, but if you can, do post pics so we can have a look.
  6. keep the bag stuffed for a little while it should help but pics would give us a better idea