stupied question re: let-trade/huang fam.

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  1. are they the same? if not, does the huang fam. have a separate website like let-trade? i believe they are reputable... am i wrong? THANKS!
  2. I'm not super sure but if I recall correctly, I've read somewhere in this forum that the Huang family's merchandise isn't authentic. I wonder this too because their ebay feedback is 100% positive.
  3. Let-trade and the huang family are not the same person at all.

    let-trade has a website. I don't think that the huang family has a website.

    I never bought from the huang family, I guess everything is authentic. I heard that they are known for recycling pics.

    They are also known for overpricing their merchandise.
  4. hunagfamily is NOT let-trade. The huangfamily does sell authentic merchandise...and I think they have finally stopped recycling pics after getting into trouble with ebay. They are overpriced....but typically all their items are brand new!
  5. Um, don't think they sell fakes, with their price, the profit would be toooooooooo great if they sell fakes :P
  6. i'm pretty certain that thehuangfamily and let-trade are not affiliated with each other in any way. they both sell authentic LV, but let-trade is much more affordable, even when they have new/unused merchandise.
  7. thanks, everyone! :yes:
  8. I have heard you will pay a lot from the huang but your stuff is the real deal and usually in stellar like new hard to find items.
  9. the huang family items are usually brand new and/or limited items. Be warn, they are very overpriced. I do not think they are affiliated with Let-Trade. What gave you that impression?
  10. dont you wonder about the huangfamily? why do they always have the same items over and over again especially limited edition items..
  11. i think that's where the debate was before.. so just for clarification purposes... is the huangfamily merchandise authentic then?? :confused1:
  12. Yeah huangfamily is way overpriced, but I hear it's all authentic. I've never bought from them before though.
  13. I do wonder sometimes. How can they have so many limited edition items. They currently have 3 Cerises Speedy 25. Usually LV puts a limit on how many limited edition each person can purchase and I believe it is usually 1 piece, correct me if I'm wrong here.
  14. Nope, We've bought multiple grooms in the same piece ( a couple cles' and keychains), so I dont think so.
  15. I bought a couple of items from the huang fam, and from my experiences their items are authentic.