Stupidity or Honesty?

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  1. My wallet was stolen recently and I had to cancel everything ... Thank goodness no charges had been made and my DL was not in the wallet at the time (had it in my pocket) and there was no cash in the wallet ... A few days ago I got my replacement credit card and after I activated the card, I went online to check the balance. Much to my surprise, I saw that there was a $0 balance. I called my credit card company and it said the SAME thing on the automated system.

    So I pressed "5" to speak to the rep and when he picked up the phone, I told him what happened.

    Rep: Thank you for choosing blah blah blah, how may I help you today?
    Me: I just got my replacement card today and activated it. However, I noticed that the balance is wrong.
    Rep: Well it shows that you have no balance right now.
    Me: Are you sure? Because I KNOW there was $3700 balance from the last card. It should've gotten transferred over.
    Rep: Hmm ... that's strange. Hang on a moment, let me check.
    Me: Thanks.
    Rep: You're right! There was a $3680 balance on your card. Sometimes our system doesn't transfer the balance, it's one of those glitches. Yours will be updated in a few days. Thank you for notifying us, you're actually the first person to tell us.
    Me: :wtf:

    So the balance will carry over in a few days ... However, I'm concerned that a credit card company will have THIS kind of issues. I mean, that's a lot of money. I talked to my guy friend about it and he said I was STUPID for bringing that to their attention. He said I shouldn't have because I could've gotten away with $3700 for free. I called them because it was the right thing to do. Or do you guys think he's right and that I was just really stupid?
  2. I think you were prudent to call to make sure everything was correct, the balance would have appeared within a few days.
  3. I know you must feel like kicking yourself, but it was the right thing to do.
    And there are good chances that they'd find it and balance it also.
    So don't worry about it too much.
  4. It was the right thing to do. :yes: Good karma will be coming your way. :flowers:
  5. credit card companies find the way.. it takes a few days but it goes right back and u gotta pay it back.. hehe
  6. The credit card company would have found it sooner or later, and plus it really was the right thing to do. I usually consider the whole karma thing into my decisions, and what you did was fair. It would have bothered you more if you didn't.
  7. I'm sure they would've found it eventually... and who knows if they would've added fees or what not to your balance... I think in a situation like this, honesty definitely pays.
  8. good karma will come your way :smile:
  9. Dont worry, when I was studying abroad, my bank accidentally put 2 million english pounds i.e. around 4 mil dollars in my student accound! Needless to say , in 20 minutes when I went back to the ATM they were gone! Oh well! You did the right thing!
  10. They would have found it and updated.
  11. Honesty is never stupid.
  12. Greed :smile:
  13. You definitely did the right thing. The credit card company would have found it and then charged you late fees. They have a way of making up for their mistakes.
  14. i totally agree :yes:
  15. Wow, did you get a copy of the statement? I would have framed it and hung it in my study!:graucho: