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  1. What are sample sales?
    How can I go?:yes:
  2. ^^hi. There is more information in the hotspot. But sample sales are just great sales that a designer will hold to either sell samples of bags for the upcoming season, or overstock bags from previous seasons. Regardless they run about 30-60% off the original price! Thats why ladies are DYING for them! The last sample sale RM has was awesome! Tons of ladies found GREAT deals ;)
  3. How can you go?!

    RM is planning to have her SS is May in LA or Nyc or both. It hasn't been decided yet, but keep a lookout on the forum, because once its decided i'm sure she will let us know.

    For those that can't attend she will allow tpf'er to place online or phone orders.
  4. ^RM is also allowing TPF'ers to go to the SS a day before so we get first dibs!
  5. really??? o my, i CAN'T WAITTTT!!!! :smile: I'll be in NYC all May so I'll be there once doors open!!
  6. I am soooo wishing I could go to the sales. I envy you lucky ladies that get to go in person. I will be there in spirit though as I will be phoning in an order for sure.
  7. I am in neither of those places. SO I guess I am out of luck. Thanks Desi for answering. How can I be part of it without having to take a plane:wlae:, and how will i know to do an online or phone order. How will i see the products. This is exciting me.:yahoo:
  8. ^^Ali- keep a lookout on the forum. Rebecca or Megs, or one of the TPF girls will definitely inform us when the SS is going to be, and i'm sure they will ahve the number or email for us to be able to place our order. Unfortunately since its still a while away, we don't have too much information YET
  9. Thanks Desi!!!
  10. It's not that far off and I am seriously planning a trip so I can go to one in person if we get to shop a day early!!!
  11. omg i can't believe RM is letting tpfers go a day early! that is so awesome! i am planning on driving the 4 hours to NYC (from VA) to go !!!!
  12. lol... this sample sale is going to be so bad for my wallet... :lol:
  13. If all you guys go I might have to make the (long) drive. We could arrange a tpf meet for drinks or muchies after the sale??
  14. how long do you think it will be until the date of the sample sale is announced? i am getting anxious! i have been checking back so many times during the day hoping to see a date! i neeeeed a new RM! preferably a Nikki! :girlsigh:
  15. I know! It's really not that far away! I'm dying to know which bags will be available.