stupid yet selfish question about exchanging...

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  1. my mom bought me the speedy 30 in damier for christmas and i peeked at it and it says Made In USA i REALLY wanted one made in france :shame: :sad: :s she bought it from eluxury can i return it back to them? what would they say? or can i exchange it in at a boutique? i know this is really bratty of me but that is what i wanted and i know i wouldn't be happy with it , and ideas? also i know that it is the same quality but still..
  2. I don't know the policy in US but good luck in finding one.:yes:
  3. Uhh, You can return it to Elux. As for getting one from Elux that says Made in France...they don't fulfill requests as to where it's made. I emailed them and tried in the past asking for one Made in France.

    Your best bet is to go to the boutique and ask in person. I later went to the boutique and got the last one (at the time) made in france. (LOL and it was when I had gotten the damier speedy as well..)

    Good Luck!! HTH!!;)
  4. you can't exchange the one you bought from eLux at a boutique. You will have to return that one, and try to find one in the boutique.

    I understand, I was debating between the 30 and 25 when I was buyign my Damier, and finally got the 25 because that was the last one "Made in France" (in my store, of course.) Go call/ visit the boutiques and hope you will find one!
  5. I think if you live in the US, you will have a hard time finding any "made in France" speedys...unless you go to ebay to get a used one or ask a friend in Europe to buy one for you.
  6. yeah most of the bags here are made in France. I would return the bag and search a store. When I bought my 1st Keepall (which I have since got rid of) I wanted a "made in USA" one soooooo bad, I dont really like made in France stuff, but I cannot get a "Made in USA" bag here :sad:
  7. another thing..I just touched the lining with a white towel and there's a pink stain on the towel now
  8. OMG the "bleeding" problem :s I would return it to ELux and look in the store for one made in france that doesnt bleed
  9. use the search button and search for threads about the "bleeding" problem
  10. Actually, you can now exchange purchases off eluxury at a boutique! I just did! It's their new policy. This only applies to exchanges, not refunds.
  11. OT...
    Steve... That's a reverse? Someone actually wants one "made in USA"?:confused1: I'm not picking you just curious as naturally people buy a brand that is associate to the origin of the country that is producing the goods... Your thoughts. TIA :flowers: If you read this!
  12. i think its just cooler to get something that's harder to get or maybe that fewer people have in your area. ;) right, mb?
  13. call your boutique, make sure they have one that was made in france, and the exchange it..
  14. I bought Mono speedy 25 a few weeks ago from Elux and it was made in France. Maybe it's just my luck!
  15. Like this thread ...
    never thought about where it was made, guess I only cared that its authentic and the real deal.
    hey is that "bleeding" interior a common thing?:wtf:
    i would hate for an authentic LV bag to leave a color transfer of something on my vernis wallet.