(Stupid) Writing Paper Question

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  1. This is for grad school. I have written paper's before, I'm just caught up in how important this is in the long run, and how my grade is affected by this paper.

    I have a paper due in about 7 hours for my research proposal, basically the paper the preceeds my thesis, which i'm wriitng next semester.

    The paper is like 97% completed. Now my stupid question is in terms of the font. My professor dictated 12 size font, and either times new roman or arial. And that the paper should be/is eight pages in legnth. NOw I've been writing, editing, revising since about SUnday. I feel as though I have a finished product, and have said everything I need to say in teh context of the paer. And now I apologize for wasting your time.
    In TImes New roman: it's 7 pages and a paragraph.
    In Arial it comes to the end of the 8th page.

    DO you think it's better to hand in a slightly shorter paper ? As I think the Times New Roman font, appears more porfessional and more academic. Do I risk getting *****ed at and shift the font to 12.5.
    Or should I just not worry about half a page, and content myself with the knowledge that it's in the quality of my paper.

    I appreciate your help or even the reinforcement that I've absolutely have lost my mind.
  2. Follow the professors instructions to the letter. Otherwise you will be penalized.

    Print in Arial. It's easier on the professor's eyes anyway.

  3. Quality of the paper is a main factor , but I have to agree with ProfNot. Best of luck on your paper!
  4. I personally prefer Arial to Times New Roman. Good luck!
  5. Follow your professors directions , just as they are written.

    I am sure that it doesn't mean strictly exactly 8 pages, so 7 + 1 paragraph would probably fine. I'd print it in arial though...doesn't hurt the eyes as much to read / correct :smile:
  6. ok I just seems as though times new roman looks more COllegiate. ANd she seems very intent on professional papers.

    Thank you everyone. I think If I didn't have the paper done already and was doing it today, I wouldn't have the time or space to even think about this.
  7. Print in arial. Maybe you could shift the line spacing a bit..do you do MSWord or LaTex?..good luck with the paper - I know this is finals week!

    Besides the proposal doesn't have to be 7 pages exact, does it? Mine was 10 pages, and I think that's the thesis proposal length standard for most thesis.
  8. I have the same problem after every paper . . . I'm a concise writer. And arial looks so sparse when it's double spaced so I know your pain.
  9. If your professor said Arial or Times New Roman, I would assume that it would be fine to use Arial! If your prof had a problem with Arial, she wouldn't have specified it. Either font ends the paper on page 8, so it should be fine regardless. In my grad school experience, professors didn't care as long as it was within a reasonable range.
  10. Never mess with fonts, text size or margins to make your text look longer than it really is. If your professor is reading a bunch of papers in a row it's very easy for him/her to see the difference!:yes:
  11. ^Ditto that!
  12. Word to LaTex! I keep bringing it up to my professors, hoping that someone will notice, but they all look shocked and think I'm hitting on them ("I did it in LaTex!"). :sweatdrop:
  13. thank you everyone

    I realize froma professional standpoint when you start to screw with the set alignments, you in actuality screw yourself.

    aslo this professor I'm writing ym theseis with next semester with, the last thing i needed to do was start her off thinking I'm incapable of following directions.

    anyhow it turns out the paper had to strictly adhere to APA guidelines.

    For anyone who searches in the future. APA=TImes New ROman