Stupid UPS! I am so upset.

  1. I bought something online, and both the seller and I agreed not to go through with the transaction. He simply told me to refuse the package to eliminate the hassle and shipping charge on my part.
    So, the estimated delivery day was today, and the UPS around here usually comes late, like almost at 5pm or so, so I had my eyes peeled for the UPS truck.

    Then I find out just now that it's on my front porch! There was no ring or knock or anything, it was simply left there. My mom was here the whole time, and she did not hear anything.

    I am so peeved. Now I have to pay for the shipping to send it back to the seller! SO FRUSTRATING!

    I know a lot of people like the convenience of "silent drop-offs" but I would have at least expected a knock or a ring!

    So my question is, next time I need to "refuse" a package, what do I do? Can I call ahead and tell them not to deliver or what?
  2. I think if you have a tracking number you can call UPS ahead of time and cancel the delivery.
  3. Maybe try calling UPS and ask them to come to pick it back up since the sender instructed you to refuse delivery due to an error?
  4. You should be able to call them and tell them you want to refuse the package, as long as you haven't opened it.

  5. ditto. I think you can just write refuse on the package as long as it's not opened and drop it off. At least that's what you can do with the post office...
  6. Unless you've opened the box, write "return to sender" on the top, circle their address and drop it off at your local UPS store. There's no problem refusing the shipment.
  7. ^
    I have done the above and called UPS to pick it up from my porch - where they left it - without a problem :yes:
  8. Just called UPS (they're closed on weekends), and they said yes I can still refuse it. For future reference, I asked about how to deal with this next time, and they said to call ON THE DATE OF estimated delivery to refuse it beforehand. In that case, they won't deliver it and just say it is has been refused and send it back to the sender.