stupid ups and lovemyshoes

  1. I'm not sure if this belongs here..please move if necessary.

    I ordered 2 pairs of shoes from lovemyshoes and ups was suppose to have it delivered dec 11th. 5 days later i realised ok..wheres my shoes?!? I contacted lovemyshoes and they told me they'll go ahead and file a claim with ups. I leave for vacation and i come back 14 days later to find that lovemyshoes hasn't contacted me or refunded me or offered to ship me another shpt. I contact them again and they told me they'll look into it. 2 weeks later, now its like jan 4th or something...i talk to one of the live help and they told ups says it delivered the package to the right person!! WTF?!?! The package was suppose to be delivered to my office and its gated so there was no way the ups guy got in the building withuot me knowing! I looked at the tracking site and it says it was signed by someone "pion"...ok theres only 4 people in the office - me, my dad, my mom and one of our warehosue workers and no one has any name resembling pion. So i contacted lovemyshoes again and they said they'll file another claim..and now its one week later and they still have no clue wats going on.
    Can ups do this?! Just reject the claim?? I paid through paypal, is there anyway i can just dispute this through paypal!? Has this happened to anyone before?! This is ridiculous!
  2. Honey, "Pion" means someone that works there, it's not a name. It's actually an insult, it means someone lowly enough they didn't bother to get a name.

    As for the rest of it, I'll wait til a real ebayer expert comes along.

  3. I hate UPS because they just leave packages. I know it is convenient for some, but sometimes they leave the package in a very open and risky place (i.e. in front of the driveway).

    Is lovemyshoes an eBay id?
    If this happened to me, I would just reverse my cc. Not even worth going through paypal since the seller will be claiming that it was "delivered", etc. But that's just me.