Stupid tuition... Sell Coach?

  1. Sooo my tuition is due by Friday and I just found out that it will clear out ALL of my savings account (I'm trying really hard to avoid loaning money). I'm trying to decide if I want to sell all of my handbags or not, being that I'm now also in need of a laptop and I am jobless! What would you ladies do? Any creative ideas so I could keep my little loves? :shrugs:
  2. I've toyed with the idea before when money was low...I'm sure I'd make a fortune...but have not been able to bare the thought so far....

    If you really need the money..I guess I'd say look at your collection..and do you have a lot of SIMILAR bags... I always try to find unique things about a bag when I pick it out...but as my collection has been come huge ... I'm noticing I have a lot of things that are similar so don't necessarily get used... Like probably about 5 wristlets that haven't seen the light of day...
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    My mom and her friend does get invitations to be in surveys then you have to go to some place where you take the survey. You're there for like an hour or two and get paid somewhere around $100-200 :biggrin:
  4. Awesome idea. I might have to look into doing that... I have a couple wristlets I've never used, mini skinnies, a couple bags I could probably do without (Like my pink tye dye satchel *gulp*). I'll have to break my own heart selling though. LOL!
  5. Hmm well if there are bags in your collection that are just sitting there and you never use them then I would sell a few pieces. Also you can check completed listings on ebay to see what the bags you want to sell are going for so you can see if it'd be worth it for the money. From what I've seen signature pieces sell the best.

    And don't be too sad about selling them.. just think of all the new purses you can buy later on! :graucho:
  6. Is that one of those things you have to pay for? Lol

    Edit: ooops, doesn't look like they have a location in Minnesota anyway
  7. Nope :biggrin: My mom was going to do one tomorrow night about french fries, but they just called and said that they had too many people.
  8. aww...Katie! I'm sorry I don't have any good suggestions. But, I hope you can make money w/out selling your beautiful babies?? Can your boyfriend or a family member help you out somehow?? Like you can pay them back little by little.
  9. Well, I do have the option of a federal loan but I was hoping to get by without having to use it. I know my boyfriend would be more than happy to help out but I don't want to have to go asking him for money like so many other people do (so many people, it's almost ridiculous). I'll probably try to come up with a few things. If I have to loan money, I suppose I could pay that when I get the money... hmm. Think, think, think, Katie! UGH! :girlsigh:
  10. best bet i say is get a summer job, no matter how crummy it is. im good for this year, but thats from living in clothes issued from athletics and clearance of hollister and abercrombie LOL. as soon as may hit i knew i would need to take up a job, but the problem is gas prices. so i went with a minimum wage job 3 days a week, scooping up any other times they need (were switching buildings so im a temporary muscle mama :P) im left with substance to keep me going along with each paycheck, but we all know that it isnt enough. i too am selling some bags, but i dont have much a collection to start with. could you pick up a side gig? look at downsizing your collection with a 'out with the new and in with the old' maybe use a bit as a reward to yourself. if the option comes to selling blood or bags, id opt with the bags, but then again they wont take my blood anyway so im kind of biased.. :smile: whatever you choose to do, it'll work out, come what it may.
  11. i just read your post again, do you mean you have the money for tuition, but basically thats it, so you'd be selling for life necessities?
  12. If you can't find a job soon, selling the bags/wristlets you don't use a lot of and aren't your favorites will help. How about babysitting?
  13. Try and delay the payment of your tuition - the interest is usually VERY low.. Get a job and try to pay it at the end of the year.

    I had an outstanding of $4000 to pay and didn't pay it until a year later because I obviously didn't have the money in the country - and I thought, might as well earn some money first - it turned out when I did pay, the interest was only about $3!!
  14. Ahh, that's tough. I've seen your bags in another post - they're all beautiful and I can totally understand it'd be hard to part with them. :smile:

    But, if it's tight, you can always sell some of your lesser favorites and replace them with equally or more yummy Coach later. :smile: I think that'd what I'd do.
  15. Well... I decided to opt for the Sub. Staf. Loan. Being that I'm transferring to a community college this year, my tuition has dropped an insane amount (which is nice being that I'm only working on generals). I'm pretty much using the loan to buy me time. I registered yesterday and my money is due already by Friday. Sooo... That's what I'm going to do and being that each day I'll be done with classes by 10:45 that will give me pleanty of time for a job in the afternoons. I might still sell a few bags so I can, you know, buy gas for my car and whatnot. Lol! A little over a month ago I left a tuition-reimbursing job so this was not really planned very well - oops!

    Maybe a job nanny-ing. That could be nice...