Stupid Stupid Chestnuthannoverian...

  1. Ok. This is a wee bit of a kick in the ass topped with a princess like tone.

    I play competitive Volleyball and ride horses competitively as well. I do both about 5 times a week, and volleyball becomes beach volleyball in the summers.

    So what did I do to myself you ask? Twisted my ankle last night so badly that I tore some ligaments. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I'm SO BORED!

    I told my boyfriend who's a physiotherapist that if he didn't fix me right quickly (seeing an Orthopaedic surgeon tomorrow for ultrasound and an MRI, that I'd resort to eBay - that got a chuckle...)

    Anyone else have some lovely news and suggestions for me?

    ;) ;)
  2. Sounds like you need a new purse to cheer you up. Hope you get better soon.
  3. That's a very astute observation!

    I have Becca's LV Wallet and PurseSlave's B-Bag on their way! I'm very excited :smile:
  4. RETAIL THERAPY! OMG! YOu got PurseSlave's sky blue first? SO jealous! That is such a gorgeous bag- Now that should put a smile on your face!!! Hope your ankle is ok though!!!
  5. Sorry about your ankle. I so agree with everyone else. Buy some more stuff. hehe
  6. Sorry about your ankle! You sound like one active lady - hopefully it will mend quickly. I was going to ask you if you rode because of your name - I have 2 horses and ride just a little now - dd used to but stopped showing last year -- anyway...keep your chin up, shop on-line and watch some cooking shows! I broke my ankle almost 3 years ago and had to 'let go' of a lot of things at home - and my kids and dh had to do so much it was amazing how everyone pitched in - don't push yourself either so you heal quicker!
  7. Get well soon ............nothing like shopping to cheer u up :smile:
  8. Get well soon!
  9. Uh-oh!!:sad2:

    Sorry to hear you were injured. It sounds like it will be tough to be on the sidelines as you're so active. Do some movie therapy - see all the movies you've been meaning to. Compile a summer reading list? Maybe get in the water- beach/spa/Y for some very gentle exercise and the distraction? Be a lady who lunches; go to sidewalk cafes, keep a journal, catch up with friends, do mani-pedi's, massage. It's only temporary...

    I wish you speedy healing!!
  10. Ditto the retail therapy. I'm a big ole slob and hope you fix yerself up asap, coz it's vile the way some people don't use a bodypart and other people need it to be working... reminds me of my friend Michelle in school who loved athletics but had dodgy knees, I loved sleep and would have given her my 'caps in an instant.

    Try prayer and miracles, and meanwhile I'm hoping you get better soon enough to astound experts! ;)

  11. Sorry to hear....Remember RICE for any musculoskeletal injuries.

    R- rest
    I- icing...for 48 hrs 15-20 mins at a time and immobilization
    C- compression...use an ace wrap to decrease swelling
    E- elevation

    and some anti-infammatories like Ibuprofen to help with pain and inflammation(if you don't have any contra-indications)

    Would really suggest seeing your doctor and getting it X-rayed to rule out a fracture. Hopefully it's only a sprain.Sorry not much lovely news here ....except maybe more time purseblogging;) Get well soon.
  12. Thank you everyone :P

    No fractures, that was taken care of last night. I'm seeing the Ortho tomorrow morning to discover what's going on ligament/soft tissue wise.

    And YES! retail therapy is KEY! I'm enjoying that part of things VERY much...

    Mmm.. eLuxury dreaming for me!