stupid self-conscious question about balenciagas!

  1. we all know that lots of girls carry around fakes, ick.

    what color looks soooo gorgeous that if someone saw it from far away, they wouldnt even THINK it was fake?

    sorry, i just HAD to ask! lol my biggest fear is bratty/jealous girls thinking it's fake because i dont always dress like dare i saw it, RICHHHH. :x lol..someone thought my chanel bag was fake. :hysteric:
  2. i wn't really care about what people said.

    the thing is : i don't care when i see people with fakes, i do't look down on them, i don't judge them. so i don't see people would see me like that too.

    sometimes our paranoid comes from the way we treated other people and so we're afraid that "they" will treated us like the way we treated them :smile:

    my point is :
    buy it if you like it, people don't have to know that they're expensive or authentic.
    it's what u can enjoy and that's what counts.
  3. Okay...I agree wholeheartedly with SeaHorse, but I'll also say..

    '05 or '07 (LE) Magenta.
  4. Beautifully put, seahorse!

    I guess to answer your question though, I imagine Ink or Anthracite would be VERY hard to copy because they are such complex colours.
  5. I truly think the leather is so much nicer with a real one that it is easy to tell that it is real, regardless of the color.
  6. I agree with afcgirl.. the leather tells everything..
  7. -- nevermind -- ;)

    BTW: to me, the thing that usually tips off a fake is the off-color, no one ever matches those lush Bal palate quite like Bal :heart:

  8. ^^^

    Okay maybe I am dense but I am so confused as to how the OP's question could be construed as promoting fakes. :confused1:
  9. i think i might be dense too
  10. I also do not see how j0vena is promoting fakes...
  11. I was in NO WAY suggesting that the OP was promoting fakes (I thought I started out by saying that)

    I just didn't want this to go down a hole.

    I deleted my comment to avoid confusion :yes:
  12. Amen to that!
  13. Fakes annoy me in a sense but I don't think much about it. If you're truly worried about this, I think Anthracite, Ink, or any Metallics are colors that are hard to copy. So, I agree with Cheshire Cat.

    I think the most important thing is wearing Bbags because it makes you feel happy, that it makes you proud. If someone asks you if it is a fake, simply tell them "no" and leave it at that. You don't owe them an explanation and it's none of their business what you want to spend your money on.

    Whoo.. long response, sorry! I hope whatever you choose makes you happy :smile:
  14. I agree with Cheshire and Vegis that colors like Ink's hard to copy, but if it's not a color you care for, then what's the point? Get a color you like and you'll be so happy with it that you wouldn't notice (if any) people thinking it might be a fake, even if they did...who cares.
  15. The thing is about bal is that most people jsut won't get it. That's why I love this forum so much because every single person on here understands. Carrying my bag is an experience and it makes me happy to touch the leather and cuddle my bag and I know that a fake would never come close to that same experience.