stupid sales guy question/remark................

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  1. I was at the outlets the other day and I was in the Giorgio Armani store and the guy asked me if my pirtata ciao was a PAUL FRANK bag?? uh WTH??

    hehe, there was a younger girl next to him and she kinda laughed. I said no it's tokidoki. He then said oh it looks like Paul Frank but better. Oh OK dude! :okay:

    It was kinda funny.
  2. Well, at least he said it looked better than PF ah? Haha.
  3. that might be one of the weirdest remarks i've heard. i've gotten hello kitty before
  4. I don't think that's too odd or offensive or anything. People call my bags "anime bags" and things like that.
  5. I kinda get a little irked when they compare it with Sanrio or Anime because it's not that cheap. I wish it were. LOL.
  6. LOL @ Jess :roflmfao: I wish they were cheap too! *sigh*

    Tracy - LOL I probably would've given him a look that said "Are you stupid or something?!" :lol: but then again not TOO many people know what tokidoki is on the mainland, right? Or so other people said. In Hawaii, I spot at least 5-8 people with tokis whenever I go out! I dont think I've been asked a "stupid" question by anyone about my bags.. haha I hope not.
  7. I don't care too much what people call my bags, but they don't sell them at our Macy*s or any stores too near to me and most people here don't know toki.
  8. lol some girl at aeropostale asked me if my bag was from that cartoon thing.. i didn't take offense or anything 'cause it was the first time a stranger noticed my toki :smile:

    i really don't care what other people think of my tokis 'cause i love them so darn much. most of the comments i have received are on the positive side though :biggrin:
  9. Today I was at hottopic and a guy who works there asked me "cool bag, what is it?" I told him it was tokidoki and he told me he liked it. Kinda silly but that kinda made my day
  10. I was at Williams-Sonoma and a sales guy said he loved my bag - a foresta bv. We got to talking and I found out that he buys his sister Tokidoki bags for her birthdays.
  11. I get Hello Kitty allll the time...:hrmm: Poor unknowing folk...
  12. I get " oh thats one of those gwen bags right?" all the time
  13. ^ for the last time T-T people need to know gwen stefani did not invent harajuku fashion.

    i was in the sanrio store today, the SA said she loved my bag :biggrin: ty ty!

    people who dont know about certain accessories always ask weird questions =/ my 200 dollar VW necklace looks like the planet saturn except with a cross on the top, and somebody asked me if it was from Men in Black... i was like o_o; huh? lol
  14. YES@!!!!!!!