Stupid rant, but I was pretty upset.

  1. I went to the local swap meet today along with my little nephew.

    Along the way, my nephew wanted a sno-cone. I asked the worker ( which was a boy who looked about 15) how much for a small one. He said $1. I said okay.

    When he handed me the sno-cone, let me tell you, the foam cup was literally about 5 inches high, and all that he filled up was LITERALLY A 2 INCHES high in the cup, over flowed with TOO much syrup. It was seriously just a cup of too much syrup and a few pieces of shaved ice floating AROUND ON TOP. I took a look at the cup and asked the kid, " ARE YOU SURE THIS IS $1'S WORTH?"

    He replied unenthusiasticly " yeah cuz when i put the syrup in the ice goes down"

    Okay? The sno cone looked like ****. I showed him it. I asked him, " How much was the last guys cup?" I saw the last guys cup was overflowed over the cup before I ordered thinking thats what I was gonna get. The kid said " He paid $2.

    "OK? I'll pay you another dollar."
    No big deal right?

    Yeah, until he sloppily hands me the cup over again, thinking everything was all good to go...NOT!!

    He hands me the cup in which wasn't any different from the first try.

    I looked at him and was like " What is this? How much does ice REALLY cost you?"

    He started saying to me " At first u initiated $1, thats what I gave you, so now you wanted $2 and thats what I'm giving you now, u understand?"

    At this point I could clearly see that I did NOT need to waste my time or breath on another kid that hates his job.

    I gave him back the cup and said " YOU KNOW WHAT? YOU SUCK AT YOUR JOB. GOOD LUCK."

    ...AND I LOST MY $2.



  2. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    :lol: I like your response!

    I understand, I am sick of these young kids with cake jobs and they can't even be bothered to try just a little to do the job right. I would fire them all.

    Don't get me started on the baggers at the grocery store that put raw meat and lunchmeat together, or bathroom chemicals and food together. They have it easy and they do suck at it! :censor:

    forgot: I feel bad for your nephew though, how about taking him to dairy queen!!! :O)
  3. lol. maybe you should have shoved the sno cone up his face?

    that would have been too mean though. hehee.
  4. Young people these day have no respect for anything, not to mention themselves.

    It's not worth the anger. I loved your comeback. I would have done the same, BUT I would have gotten my $2 back.
  5. Nice comeback! I hate being in situations like that, but it seems to happen more and more frequently for some reason.

    A few years back when I managed an Applebee's, the server turnover was 345% annually! I believe it was because of the average age of the servers and their total lack of work ethic. Imagine training 5 servers knowing that maybe 1 will manage to stay a month! It sucked!!!

    However, I must say that not all young people have terrible work ethic. I have worked with people of all ages whose ignorance and laziness have just about pushed me over the edge!!!:rant:
  6. that was a great comeback. But i would have asked him to make it bigger or asked for my money back. that would really piss me off too though.
  7. Or that put the apples and oranges on top of the lettuce!!! :mad:
  8. Luckily it's not all young people. There are some great ones out there:yes: :heart: :yes:
  9. Man, no fun! What is it with all of these people with customer service jobs having absolutely no customer service skills! I am really curious to know what a swap meet is, just a place where you swap stuff with others I assume?!
  10. How rude, I like how you responded!
  11. thank you, thank you. ;]
  12. Btw, if any of you guys are from Orange County and are curious which swap's the Golden West one!!!!

    A swap meet is another term for "flea market"..almost like a black market...