Stupid RANDOM Question RE: Airports

  1. You know when you pull up outside of an airport by your specific airline.. there are these people OUTSIDE that take your bags and luggage...

    They seem to just take it, how do they know what flight you're getting on? I mean I dont seem to remember showing them a boarding pass, (dont you get that inside when you check in at the desk or kiosk?)

    Do you just show id and they know where your bags are supposed to go?

    Sorry for this random azz question, it was just bothering me as my BF just got on a flight and he did the outside bag checking thing...

    TIA :heart:
  2. I believe you have to actually check in there now...they won't just take your bags! All the 9/11 stuff!
  3. Yes, you actually check in outside.I do it alot as the lines are shorter most of the time. AND my bags are always too heavy and for some reason the guys outside are always so cool about it! There are also guys that take your bags curbside and follow you to the line inside at your airline to check in. (if you have alot of bags)
  4. if you're checking a bag it's wise to use the guys on the street as opposed to waiting in the line inside (if it's busy). But be sure to tip them :smile:
  5. They definitely aren't just taking them. Even before 9/11 you had to give them your flight info if you went to a skycap so they could actually check you in. But I fly all the time and I've NEVER had someone just pick up my bag. Most skycaps there is a line at...just not as long as inside!
  6. I never bother with the skycaps. I always go through the electronic check in now.
  7. I go thru the skycaps..ESPECIALLY goin on international flights.NO HUGE LINES at my airport to go thru.These guys take my passport and ticket confirmation and check me in the minute the limo driver drops my bags off.
    I simply go to the gate..and YES..I tip them at least 20 dollars..LOL..WORTH EVERY PENNY!(u should see the lines at my airport!!)
  8. You don't just go up to a random counter to check in. You get dropped off at a specific terminal (Air Canada, say) and the counter outside is the Air Canada counter.

  9. Yeah, but how do they know what flight youre in (is what im asking), if you didnt go inside to check in yet? KWIM?
  10. ^U hand them your itinerary

  11. No no, I know.. you pull up to the specific airline terminal (Delta, AA, whatever) and the outside baggage people take the bags and put them on a conveyor (sp?) belt.. but the thing I cant remember is do they ever take your name or flight #?
  12. ok I was getting really nervous because you gave them the stuff BEFORE you checked in (at the desk, kiosk) inside.. so how did they know your flight if you didnt have your ticket and stuff yet?
  13. Airlines normally have Elite desks so if one has status you can bypass any long line (thank god!! lol!) - and even get into shorter security lines at major airports. Get thee to a status position and then no worries. :yes:

  14. They check you in right there. I've used them when it's been too crazed inside. They take your bags and check you in/print boarding passes for you.
  15. Yeah, I guess I forgot that part.. everytime I remember that experience I always remember being rushed and etc, so I didnt remember that they actually checked you in. Thats a great thing, since inside is hell...

    I always wonder, why do the people just use the people outside? Are they waiting inside to pick up their tickets? Use the points? what??