Stupid Questions...

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  1. Okay... I've been wanting to ask this for a long time
    but so afraid of sounding way stupid...:shame:
    But I really wanna know...
    What this initials means...:P

    TIA - thanks in advance?
    and other more I cant think of at the moment...

    Sorry the PF is the one and only forum I participate in
    and dont know some of the language used...:shame:
    :angel: help?:Push:
  2. Yay!!! thanks purplekitty!
    really so ashamed...... :shame:
  3. Your welcome!
    Don't be ashamed, I had no idea what some of those meant for a while either.:yes:
  4. I have another question? What does KWIM mean?
  5. KWIM? means Know what I mean?

    STFU means Shut the umm 'frig' up.

    WTF means what the umm 'frig'
  6. Know What I Mean
  7. LMBO
    Laughing My Butt Off
    a little more polite lol
  8. Wow thanks alot!:P
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