Stupid Question

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  1. My display has changed...
    People's avatar and names used to be on the left side of my screen, but now they're on top of each post. It happened when I went to lunch. Freaking me out a bit. Hmmm...
    Did this happen to anyone else? Is this an option we can change? Is it an overall purse forum thing?
  2. i assume this is an overall purse forum thing... I notice that the ads are on the right of the screen.
  3. I changed it around in order to keep more space for the posts after I added the right column. Don't be freaked, it's still the same thing.

    P.S. What resolutions do you all run your screens at?
  4. 1280x1024
    It still weirds me out!!
  5. lol i just noticed this
  6. It's really really odd.
  7. I know it is weird! I thought that the computers at my school's lab, were doing something wrong! I feel out of place! But it looks cool though!
  8. Is this one better? Hrmmm....
  9. I like it on the left!!! I am not in to change!! Keep it the same :smile:
  10. I haven't noticed anything except the ads. Strange.
  11. i like it on the left too...change bad :sad2:
  12. The postbit was too wide, I decreased the size. I like this old style better, too. lol
  13. Move on ladies, nothing to see here.
  14. Thanks Vlad!! It was just so weird...
  15. Yay! Thanks Vlad! The new display looks great.