stupid question!

  1. hi all,

    this might sound like a stupid question, but i'm still new to LV. what does heatstamped mean? is this like a personalization of your bags? if so, can you post pictures of your heatstamp? how much detail is used?

  2. There are two definitions of heatstamp.
    1. Relates to authenticity. So if someone asks for a picture of the heatstamp they are referring to the areas of the bag where there is the indented stamp that says "Louis Vuitton Made in ______"

    2. Heatstamping can also be done on bags for a personalization. Boutiques can heatstamp your initials, etc. in various colors. This can be done for free.

    Hope that helps! And welcome to tPF :smile:
  3. Example: My Porte Billets Cartes Bleue with both heat stamps:

  4. There is also a heatstamp club in the clubhouse where lots of great pics are posted. :smile:
  5. free?
    thats awesome!
  6. p.s.
    can you heatstamp miroir?
    i want my initials on the zipper pull of the pochette!
  7. Good question and I say welcome too!
    Where do most get their speedy's stamped? And an agenda or wallet could be stamped on the inside like john's? (THat looks great, btw john)
  8. I don't think you'll be able to heat stamp Miroir... it might melt? :shrugs:

    And thanks Mshel! ;)
  9. i highly doubt you could heat stamp miroir
  10. oh yeah..
    i forgot it was plastic. DARN. it would look really really good IMO
  11. Only leather products can be heat stamped/