Stupid Question

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  1. If you buy an LV from elux or a boutique do you register it? And if you buy it used what happens with the registration?
  2. I've never bought from e-lux, but I've bought from the LV boutique many times. They establish a customer ID number for each client, but I was told that it just to keep track of your receipt in case you lose it and are trying to return the item (14 day return policy). There's no registration for the LV bags that I know of.... so if you buy an LV from someone else, you aren't transferring a registration....

    Does anyone know anything different? :shrugs:
  3. No, I have never registered a bag. However they do keep a record of your purchases?!? Although, you could always recieve a bag as a gift and it wouldn't be under your name.
  4. I thought there was a registry?
  5. Thank you. Someone mailed me with an offer for a LV and said the bag was registered in her name. Some other bags and luggage I purchased require registration (i.e Dooneys, Samsonite) if being sent for repair and I wasn't sure how LV did it. The bag is probably fake then?

  6. Well, if any of my bags are registered I certainly don't know it and I have purchased ALOT from the boutiques and elux. I guess it's possible that they register your bags when you purchase it? They do have all of my information but I thought that was just a record of your purchases? :shrugs:
  7. I have never ever had to send anything into LV for my purchases. I wonder if she just means the purchase is under her name through LV!?! :shrugs:
  8. My DH purchased a bag for me and I think his SA asked about the recipient and DH gave my name so my customer # is the same in different boutiques. My own SA mentioned that this was to keep track of my receipt and warranty. That's the closest kind of registry that I know of.
  9. I'll ask her that- whether it was just a purchase under her name. She didn't supply me with a datecode either (I asked), so am bit skeptical of the authenticity of the item. This bag belongs to a friend of a friend who doesn't need it and swears it's friend says she's seen it and the bag has not been used at all, but the bag's owner (+ the bag) lives in Nebraska and my friend is in California.
  10. You could always try to get photos and post them under the authenticate this thread! :yes:
  11. Oh medhavini. I'd be extremely cautious. I think I've heard of a previous 'friend of a friend' story and it didn't turn out well, authenticity-wise.

  12. Yeah, I remembered that 'friend of a friend' story too!:yes: