Stupid Question..

  1. I have a question, PLEASE dont hate me for asking this!

    Well I love Hermes Birkins, and I would loooooove to own 1 or maybe 14 (Haha I counted how many I liked and got 14). But anyways, if Birkins are soo hard to find, hard to get, and soo expensive, how do some of you guys get multiples? Im not really talking payment wise, because thats too personal, but how do you guys like find them easily? I saw 1 IRL, and thats it. But Im just wondering how do you guys find soo many in store? or do you guys really just wait out the waitlist?

    Im jealous of anyone who owns one. :sad:

    Im actually jealous of alot of people in hereeeee. :crybaby:
  2. well some members buy vintage ones others use reputable resellers then there are the possibilities of
    -hunting them through the whole country
    -special order them
    -have a good relationship with the sa and get them offered.
    -all of the above
  3. I think lilach summed it all up quite nicely.^^

    I also feel with some ladies they have much better luck...luck is a factor!

    OH AND BY THE question is stupid in my book!
  4. oh on a sidenote. as you are a guy you most probably want to carry a 40 or 45 cm birkin in a toned down colour and a sturdy leather.
    so for you it may be easier to get that bag as these sizes are not that popular or better are not sold that often as most woman prefer the 30 or 35 so you actually have better chances to get your birkin quite fast ( at least faster than let us say a 35 cm blue jean) :flowers:
  5. Hi Reynold!!! So glad you joined us! That was a great question!

    And well answered Lilach and Kellybag!!!
  6. Hey Reynold! Once your are an established H customer, it becomes much easier to get subsequent bags. The first one is the toughest.
  7. There's also ebay!
  8. what lilah said! :yes: it is just extreemly persistent foot/phone work, and then you have to be ready to "drop the cash on the spot"!:supacool:
    unless you already have a relationship, the SA's will not hold a birkin.:flowers:
  9. Thanks everyone! I would love to own a Birkin one day! I would love to own alot of things hahaha. It seems soo hard to track one down at the botiques! Hopefully when im ready I will get the perfect Birkin! Thanks again everyone!