Stupid Question

  1. But, does Coach make checkbook pens? My checkbook wallet didn't come with one but a girlfriend of mine has a Coach Signature Checkbook wallet and she said it came with a pen?
  2. I have a cross pen and love it. I keep it in my patent change purse though so that it doesn't get on any of my coach lining. I don't know if i would keep one in my checkbook wallet and I don't recall Coach making one, maybe it is a fake.
  3. I believe pens come with the planners (I remember seeing them included at the outlet) but they didn't look like anything special.
  4. Well I have bought and looked at the Coach checkbook wallets and none I have ever seen or purchased came with a pen. :tdown:
  5. I have 2 checkbook wallets and neither one came with a pen. Wish it did though.
  6. None of my checkbook wallets came with pens but my planner did. It's just a little gold pen, nothing special. Maybe that's what she's talking about?
  7. I will say that Cross makes some beautiful pens...they may have one that'll fit the checkbook and also the planners. I have a few of them for my different handbags and I get comments on them all the time!!