Stupid question

  1. hi,
    i just bought my first prada bag and it comes with a detachable id tag. what does one do with the id tag? do most folks leave it on or detach the tag?

  2. Is it the one that looks like an actual luggage tag (that you can put a picture or something in) or is it one of the new tags with a train or a steamship on it? Either way, I leave them both on. I've put pictures of my dog in the luggage tag type ones. The new ones with the train/steamship are works of art that absolutely are left on my bag!

    Those tags on some of the bags that just say it's made of deerskin get yanked off and tucked into the inside pocket. I know some people leave them on, but I don't care for that at all.
  3. I just leave them on there. Never gave it much thought :amuse:
  4. They are suppose to be removed
  5. I respectfully disagree! They are mostly meant to stay on the bag, as part of its hardware and its look.
    The only tag I would remove would be the one stating what the bag is made of -- completely agree with PP.
    Also, some of the lockable bags actually have clochettes (with keys) that are meant to hang from the bag -- same sort of concept. Obviously, those are not meant to be removed, either!:smile:
  6. ^^^ :tup::tup::tup:

  7. :nogood: Disagree.

    It's intended to be left on, but ultimately the buyer's choice as to what they do with them. I don't recall seeing a rule book that says they are to be removed in my five Pradas with luggage tags .
  8. thanks for your replies. i actually went to the nm (where i purchased the bag and asked). all of the sales ladies got together and had the same discussion. ultimately, they said it was up to the consumer - nice neutral answer, eh?

    my luggage tag is on the antik cervo shoulder bag (cocoa w/strap). it's actually pretty w/matching brushed gold hardware. i've left it on w/no picture.

  9. my sister worked in sales for years she said they laugh everytime someone came in and asked for new tags. But in the end it's up to you.
  10. I asked this question a while ago and got the answer that most people leave them on or put something in it (id tag or picture). I leave mine on too, why not? Seems like a part of the bag and adds something to it. I suppose if I didn't like how it looked on a certain bag I'd take it off. So yeah.."up to you" is my answer too.