stupid question

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  1. is there a certain place to do that thing where you spell out your names using the coach initial keychains?

    or do you just copy and paste from the website?

  2. copy and paste into photoshop or even paint from the website to spell your name and put whatever else you want
  3. I use PSP 7 and then paste the letters till i get the name.
  4. yep...i just used paint to create mine!
  5. used photoshop elements to do mine- I was anal about the clippy things all pointing the same way -- I actually took screenshots of the picture on the main page (because you can't right click-save ) .. and then photo chopped out of there...
    drill down only has one pic.
  6. Definitely NOT a stupid question! I wondered the same thing for a long time, but I just never asked. It does look adorable and now that I know how, I might do it too!!!
  7. I made mine in photoshop. :smile:
  8. i just wanted to hop on the bandwagon!!

    i did mine in PSPX
  9. thanks everyone!!
  10. I did mine in paint. My 19 yo ds helped me figure it out! I change my siggie all the time though so don't have it any longer!