Stupid Question: What are Sample Sales?

  1. Ok, this may sound weird, but:

    What exactly are sample sales? :confused1: :shrugs:

    I know the term from the Shopaholic novels and I've read it here on tPF, but I don't really get what it is :shame:
  2. Great question, cuz I would like to know what it means too. LOL!!
  3. :P so I'm not the only one. Where are you from?

    I wonder whether they only exist in NYC?! I just see threads about sample sales there

    Can noone help?
  4. Ok, this is what wikipedia says:

    "Sample sales are used by companies and small businesses in order to discard excess merchandise. Sometimes these samples have been used by agencies to sell products that they will distribute to local vendors. Sample sales are often associated with the fashion industry. These sales are an opportunity to get near perfect merchandise at a fraction of the price. It is often difficult to have information on the date and time of sample sales."

    Now I wanna go to one :hysteric:
  5. based on my experience in nyc, most sample sales are of past collections with excess merchandise that seller wants to unload en masse. sometimes, you have items from a designer's fashion show, which are usually model sizes (2 to 6), although that's been rare. it's become a whole new business here in nyc for sample sales. companies either send their stuff to be sold to a third party vendor that'll take care of everything for them, or else, they'll rent a space, or use their own offices/showrooms, if their selection is not that big for the sample sale. the prices are usually decent, compared to dept store sale or outlet prices. however, the items are not always picture perfect and the selection can be hit or miss, especially if they do not refurbish their stock after the first few days of the sale.

    special sample sales usually last a few days, such as the jimmy choos and manolo sales. larger scale sales may last a week. there have been many times when i've stood in line for upwards of an hour, only to get in and stay 10 minutes before leaving without buying anything. at least going once, you'll know what merchandise will be offered.
  6. Is there any sample sales in DC area? It seems like they all happen in NY and CA.
  7. I've heard of a Choo sample sale and when they finally got in the shoes available were mismatch, broken or close to retail price. Hardly worth standing in line for. Although I would still like to go to one..
  8. sample sales are fantastic! posts all sample sales and have versions for la, ny, chicago etc.