Stupid question sorry - what is "Rio" leather?

  1. Hi, really sorry for asking this as I am sure it's obvious, but what's Rio leather, and how isit different to Darwin and Glove?

    Thanks :smile:

    Toni xx
  2. if you go to the mulberry website they now have a section describing all the different leather types. I'll go take a look for you!
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^well that's no use it's not listed!!! Sorry to be of no help whatsoever!! (other leathers are listed under customer services then go to 'materials and care' )
  4. I have bumped up a thread ,on different mulberry leather types goldfinch.
  5. Hi, I have a purse in Rio leather, it is near enough the same as darwin leather but it has a shinier texture.
  6. Thanks everyone! :smile: