Stupid question - ring sizing

  1. I was wondering if rings can be resized to any size you want? My ering is sized at 4.75, but my actual ring size is a 4.5. Currently, I'm wearing string (because I was told that a metal ring guard would scratch the detailing on my ering) and I would like to have the person who designed my ring to resize it between 4.5 and 4.75. My knuckles are a little big (should have listened to my mother ;) and not cracked them before playing piano), so I worry about sizing it completely down to 4.5 in case my fingers swell a bit in the summer or for some other reason.

  2. I think you should just keep it and not re-sized it. Its just waste of money in the long run. I wear a size 4.5 too but it fits in winter but gets tight in the summer. It better to have it little loose than tight, so uncomfortable.
  3. ^ITA.

    Just do the "arm swing" test--do some jumping jacks or vigirous arm long as your ring doesn't come flying off, I like mine alittle loose. I hate the 'sausage' look of it being too tight! LOL
  4. That's true!! Your fingers swell in the summertime, and when you have a baby, they might swell too. It's not that much of a difference. Plus I think you have pave on your ring, if you mess with it too much, those stones might become loose!
  5. Hi, Suli!

    I definitely wouldn't resize it if you are planning on soldering your wedding band to your e-ring. You will find that your e-ring will fit tighter once it's soldered to your wedding band!
  6. i'm a size 4 and i have the same issue with knuckles being big. so i kept a little room for summer swelling and getting the ring over the knuckles.

    all my rings have to be custom ordered b/c of my tiny size!! (it's so difficult buying rings in general) and i usually keep a 1/4 inch space just in case.

    oh, i forgot to add that your ring SuLi is beautiful, just saw it in another thread.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I think I'm going to wait it out this summer and see how I feel. Even with a lot of string around it, the ring still swings around a bit. Too bad my knuckles are such a huge problem :graucho: .
  8. you can resize it as much as you want. ALTHOUGH every time you resize it, the metal gets softer and softer so its not good to resize too many times.
  9. Did you try the hand shake? Take the string off your ring, put your hand (fingers pointing to the floor) and shake your hand side to side. Did it fall off? Then you're safe.

    My ring size is around 5 but, I got my e-ring in a six and my wedding band in a five. It worked for me. The 5 fits perfectly but, with that second ring on it's higher up on my finger and I needed that extra space. If you plan on wearing your rings together, I wouldn't size down.

    And your ring should be able to twirl a bit on your finger, it just shouldn't fall off!