Stupid question....please don't laugh.

  1. What type of material is the Monogram and Damier Canvas. On the website it'll state Mono or Damier canvas, leather trim, and leather handles. Is it not real leather? Gosh, I feel so stupid for asking this question, but it's been on my mind. Hahahaha
  2. It is coated canvas.
  3. If it's coated canvas, why would the Monogram and Damier Canvas line be so high? I'd understand if all the bags were in the price range of the Speedys. That's crazy don't you think? Atleast Chanels, Chloes, Balenciagas etc. are all leather. I'm now debating whether or not I want to spend $1400 on the LV Hudson or Manhattan if it's not even leather.
  4. Yep, it's coated canvas. I used to not know that too, I had originally thought it was leather as well. I guess the reason LV handbags cost so much is the quality of the material they use and the time spent to make everything look perfect (i.e.: the sticthing).
  5. Good question.

    The only analogy I can come up with is: A Honda and a BMW car both have engines, leather seats, etc...but the ride on the BMW is much smoother!

    Hope that helps!
  6. OMG! It's coated canvas?? I always thought it was leather. I'm so disapointed now.
  7. That's funny, but the BMW needs to be turned into the shop more. My boss has the 745Li for 4 years and he got a new one after 2 due to the lemon policy. BMW aren't that reliable from what I hear. But anyways, I'm off subject. :biggrin:

    LV broke my heart. :cry: I just asked my bf if he knew my bags weren't real leather and he was like yeah, you didn't? :blink:
  8. Jinsun, I agree, I drive a Mercedes!

    I really like LV and I'll pay the $$$, but I refuse to pay over $40 for jeans! Go figure! :blink:
  9. Well...I suppose they started making the Coated Canvas because they needed something indestructable for their trunks...and if it was leather it would've crack and split and never would have held up as long as the Coated Canvas would...
  10. :yes: Agree. My mum's speedy is OLD (more than 15 years) and still looks great.Although not leather the quality is superb:biggrin: :flowers:
  11. The coated canvas lasts forever. The bags are impeccably made and designed. Leather is overrated.
  12. Leather needs way to much care to last as long as the LV canvas. I hope our Epi bags last 1/2 as long as the mono. My older Fendi coated canvas bags are disintegrating & my LV bags are still in great shape.
    Nobody does it as well as LV.
  13. Omg I didn't know that either. But I have the denim pleaty but still...I'll still purchase LV if one catches my eye. Not a stupid question at all.
  14. I also really like the coated canvas. It is so easy to care for and I don't have to worry about the leather aging and such.
  15. Canvas.