stupid question on the LV market style bag

  1. the one like u can find at the traditional market with white based and red and blue checkered?

    what it's name and i can't find it on eluxury :crybaby:

  2. no one? :crybaby:
  3. anyone have the bag and tell me how much are they? i tried to find on this forum but still don't found any :sad:
  4. oops, i found the pic.
    anyone know where i can find this? i can't even find it on eBay

  5. [​IMG]

    anyone know where i can still find this and the retail price? thanks :smile:
  6. Wasn't it called Street Shopper?
  7. wow... 1200 punds is ridiculous for this!
  8.'s the Street Shopper. It's braided leather, plus it's LE, so that's why it's so expensive! :hrmm:
  9. i believe the street pm size was under $2k. i thought it was priced ridiculously high until i found out it was made out of lambskin, so i guess that makes it a little bit better.
  10. Wow, that doesn't look like leather. I'm not putting down the bag, I just would've never guessed that it was leather. I think I simply assumed it was canvas, and that the price tag was horrendous. It never even made it into the tiny LV shop near me so I didn't get a chance to see it in person.

    Maybe it will show up on let-trade soon.
  11. In all honestly, I find this bag strange. Aside from being expensive (Technique and material aside), it just isn't very attractive... and every woman I've ever seen carrying one looked a little ridiculous with it.

    One of those cases where an accessory only *barely* works alongside the ready-to-wear context.

    Sorry, all Street Shopper owners :hrmm:
  12. I think the bag had a great material to it, but I would have loved to see it more as a tote, rather than the boxy shape.
    But that's just me.
  13. Wow it's leather. That explains the price. I just always assumed it was canvas