Stupid question for Mono Speedy Owners

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm just wondering if you keep your lock on your speedy or not? I notice that the tip of the tab gets 'bent' with the lock on it. Is that inevitable? As you can see, I'm still in the paranoid-new-LV owner phase! :shame: :graucho:

  2. My SA puts the lock and keys on the bag when I buy it and I just leave them there. Never really bothered me. You can keep the lock off your bag if it bothers you.:smile:
  3. i know what u mean im constantly folding it!
  4. I leave the lock on mine. I like the way it looks, and it doesn't bother me that it stretches a little.
  5. The lock with it looks better to me...but the more comfortable for you.. thats what matters....:yes:
  6. thanks for the replies! I think it looks better on also, but I don't like how the little tip get's bent! LOL. I'll get better with time...and more LV bags! haha
  7. I posted the exact same question a few weeks ago. I think the title was speedy tab gets dent or bent or something like that. Mine did the SAME thing as yours and it bothered me but it seems it does that with everyone. I now keep my lock off it and only put it on when I carry the bag. HTH.
  8. I leave it off and store it in the box. After a year maybe I'll out it on.
  9. I leave it on and keep the keys at home.
  10. I kept the lock on the tab most of the time, and then I removed it later to lessen the weight of the bag. I didn't care either way.
  11. I'm just like SA locked it on there, and I haven't moved it since.
  12. I leave it as decoration!
  13. I leave mine on. It looks cute!!
  14. I leave the lock on. I think it looks incomplete without the lock. LOL I keep the keys in a separate pouch in my bag though. Don't want it piercing through the canvas if I hang it on the bag.