Stupid Question [City RH/GH size]

  1. This is probably a silly question, but is the City Giant the same size as the City RH?

    I check atelier, but the City Giant isn't listed.

    I just want to ask cause my Mom saw the City Giant this week & said she thought it was HUGE :sweatdrop:

    If I don't fill up the City, will it look stupid? :sweatdrop: I'm wondering if I should change my BalNY order quickly... is it really THAT big?
  2. Actually, the dimensions of the bag are the same. But the handles are longer and since the hardware is bigger, the straps are longer. I'm going go double check; yeah, that's it.
  3. Thanks cracker :yes:
  4. I'm pretty sure the dimensions of the bag itself (not including the straps) are the same on RH and GH. After seeing a couple of different Cities with GH IRL, I think the GH overwhelms it.
  5. Mom may have seen a Work with GH - there are lots, and the GH makes the bag look more like a City - and it is pretty big.

    The GH City is exactly as Cracker said, just longer straps basically.
  6. spay - yes, I was thinking maybe the GH made it "appear" larger b/c she was just saying it was enormous lol

    Melisande - that's what I though! But she said the tag said "City"... perhaps it was labelled wrong.
  7. It does make it look bigger. I put mine, RH & GH, side by side and I swore it was bigger. But the bag itself is the same size.
  8. ^yay, that must be it then.. she had me so nervous lol

    Thanks so much, cracker :party: