stupid question: can you use a coach giftcard at the outlet?

  1. I'm returning a purse this weekend in a town with an outlet....can I use the gift card at the outlet or only at boutiques? Thanks :smile:
  2. Yes, you can use it at the outlets. Or, at least, you should be able to. I bought my stepdaughter a giftcard at the Boutique store for Christmas and she used it at the Outlet.
  3. Fantastic! I couldn't find that info on the site (says only coach stores, .com, or phone...) so I didn't know if they classified the outlets as coach stores. Thanks :smile:
  4. absolutely!!!! you can use store credits too!!
  5. I guess technically this would be a store credit, so this is great! I know the outlet I'm going to had a bunch of legacy and bleecker stuff when I was in there, so hopefully they'll still have it. Thanks :smile:
  6. :yes: Planning on doing this with the little store credit I have next week :tup:
  7. Bleeker probably, Legacy probably not :sad: That went quickly and is very sparse in most outlets now. Good luck though!
  8. Oh well, I got my Ali when I went, so I'm still happy :smile: and I'm sure I can force myself to find something LOL
  9. Yes you can. I got one for my bday a few years ago and used it at the outlet.
  10. oops I meant the repair credits.

    All I had to do was bring in my letter and they let me use it!!
  11. Fantastic! Now I know what to tell everyone to get me from now on! :biggrin:
  12. Yes, Coach store credit from either the Boutique and their Outlets can be used in either place....a Coach store is a Coach store whether it'd be a Boutique or an Outlet. This was confirmed by an SA at the Outlet in CA and at a Boutique in AZ this past Christmas. I'll be asking for Coach gift cards for all occasions from now on. :yes: