Stupid question...but


Oh it is love....
May 13, 2007
what does the creed say on your leather bags?
i just realized it was different than on my other bags (signature uh scribble stuff):idea:

Her Blackness

Apr 26, 2007
The bags do say different things depending on their age, line and when/where they were made.

I don't own any Coach bags that are not leather, so I can't tell you what the canvas/other bags say.

I just looked in my Legacy Shoulder Pocket totes (I have a brown one and white one) this a.m. and those say stuff about quality leather, the grain of the leather, ...indicative of it's quality and wear over time. Sorry...don't feel like going to pull 'em out again right now.

I can tell you that it's NOT the same thing that's inscribed in my just received Andrea. I think the wording in the Andrea was very similar to the wording in my Ergo Large Hobo (I took it back 'cause I want it in Vintage and I had it in Natural).
^^^Yup, it depends what the bag's made of. The creeds on my leather bags say something about "finest natural cowhide" and "variation in the grain of the leather", while my signature bags just say they're handcrafted from "the finest materials".