Stupid question, but why is the box as expensive as the luggage?

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  1. I mean...the box is so much smaller! It uses so much less leather! So why? :balloon:

    Sorry if it's a stupid question...

    P.s. just snapped up a preloved mini luggage, just waiting on it to arrive now! Soooo excited. Can't wait to join you guys :biggrin: :biggrin:
  2. Congrats on the new acquisition!

    It is a bummer that it is more expensive. But maybe it's more difficult to make? Or just cuz they can.

    Like tiny diamonds that are made of carbon. Cuz people are willing to pay for it. Haha

    I love my mini box.
  3. Thank you! I'm super excited :woot::woot::woot:

    I think "just cos they can" is probably the right answer...I mean, luxury bag prices...why are they so high in general? Just cos they can :P
  4. I think it's because the box is considered the most classic and representative bag of Celine. It's like Chanel's classic flap or reissue are their classic bags and more expensive compared to their other bags.
  5. I guess it's harder for them to make?
  6. The box is a classic for the house that pre-dates Phoebe Philo and the Celine phenomenon of the past call it 6 years. It has always been priced at a higher price point. When the luggage (which was designed by Phoebe) first launched, it was price closer to $1k. Subsequently, after the design took off in popularity and at the same time revived the whole brand, Celine did a very quick revamp of pricing across their entire lineup to price Phoebe's designs (luggage, phantom, trapeze) to be more closely aligned with pricing for the classic box. For a few seasons back in 2012-2013, the price of the luggage was going up $500-800 per season.

  7. +1
  8. That makes sense! Thanks!
  9. But the Luggage needs more leather...and looks equally as difficult to make, if not more! :sad:
  10. I agree-I want a Box so badly but can't bring myself to pay 4k for it.
  11. If you can get it in Europe, especially Paris, the price is much better. I ended up paying around $2700 total for the classic/medium size after getting the VAT tax refund.
  12. 2700? Is this in euros? I thought medium boy is 2800 euros in Paris.
  13. Boy? The Celine classic box for me after VAT return a year or two ago was 2700 or 2800 USD so not euros. I believe it was around 2400 or 2450 euros in Paris at the point.
  14. Oh sorry I meant box. I want to get a Chanel boy so I guess that's all I think about now lol.
    That was cheap. I believe it has increased to 2800 euros now.

    Still a lot cheaper than Canada. I got one for almost 5000 Canadian.
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